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Galleri LNM


MalerJam was a painting experiment and a social project where the permanent ensemble consisted of Vigdis Fjellheim, Patrik Entian and Torunn Skjelland.

In the music, jamsessions are described as occasions where musicians meet to play freely and informally, often with great touches of improvisation. The jam can be used to find new material, good events or as a social event where you practice.

Vigdis Fjellheim, Patrik Entian and Torunn Skjelland took the jam into the showroom. I was one of eight artists who were invited to an unfamiliar work situation for the performance of the painting and to the production of an exhibition with an unpredictable course and outcome.

LNM's premises were transformed into an experimental arena where large murals emerged during the week towards the exhibition opening. Nothing was decided in advance and everything was allowed. Ownership of the painting was wiped out, and the process, cooperation, dynamics and inclinations were overall the finished result.

The invited artists: Peder Kirkvaag Bugge, Fadlabi, Veslemøy Sparre Jansen, Morten Juvet, Hilde Kjønniksen, Jon Løvøen, Marianne Wiig Storaas and Grethe Unstad.

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