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Mobilt galleri

2003 - 2005

Manifest 2003

Vestlandske Kunstmisjon is a dissemination center for contemporary art without a permanent location and will showcase contemporary art in the cityscape. It will act as an alternative to existing and established art institutions in Bergen. The name Vestlandske Kunstmisjon plays on ideas of the mission and religion's strong anchorage in Western Norway. One of Vestlandets kunstmisjons strategies is to be found among people and give them an unexpected experience of art.

Today, there are empty spaces in Bergen city center at all times. We will use these and use them as a resource in the intermediate phase before new business activities take over the premises again. At uneven intervals there will be unexpected rooms for art in the surrounding areas. Vestlandske Kunstmisjon will never have a permanent location or a permanent exhibition. Vestlandske Kunstmisjon will be launched in 2003 and will end in 2005.

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