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Visningsrommet USF Verftet


An exhibition about 15 year old girls. A cooperation project with 5 girls, 15 years old.


The exhibition was a result of a cooperation with 5 girls, 15 years old. The starting point for this project was an interest in a group that apparently lives very close to the clichés in their view of life and love.

In 2001, I contacted Danielsens Secondary school in Bergen. Here I met a girl of 15 years and her four girlfriends. We agreed to do a collaborative project. We met regularly and during the next year they wrote diaries, photographed and filmed their lives; at home and at school. I was an active part of the project through my interpretations and my own memories of the teenage age. This was the start of a two-year collaboration and resulted in the girls being part of my Exam Exhibition KHIB: "From Venice with love" in Bergen Kunsthall and Exam Exhibition KHIB: "Girls 15 turning 16" at Kunstnernes hus, Oslo.


The exhibition consisted of paintings, drawing, photo, video, diaries. On the opening itself, the girls danced to the music of Britney Spears.

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